Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Travel

The first place I went this summer: Greece!

The Temple of Zeus, Athens

The monasteries (where monks and nuns live) in Meteora, Greece. Originally the only way to get up to these buildings was to be pulled up in a rope basket. These are some of the oldest Christian sites in Europe.

See those little buildings up on top? We went up there.

Another angle so you can see how high up these monasteries are.

I climbed alllllllll those stairs up to the top.

Selfie of me and my sister at the top of the other monastery we visited, with the one above in the background.

The Acropolis in Athens. This is right in the middle of the city, on the top of the highest hill. No buildings are allowed to be built today higher than the Acropolis. It's dedicated to the goddess Athena -- in Greek Athens and Athena are the same word. 

This is a statue in Athens, dedicated to the British poet, Lord Byron. Why would they put up his statue? We'll talk about it in AP this year...

 This is the view of Athens from the Acropolis. 11 million people live in Greece, and 6 million of them live in Athens.


This is the tomb of Agamemnon.

This is the Olympic Stadium in Athens. (They hosted the Olympics a few years ago, in addition to back in ancient history.)

This is the view form the Temple of Delphi. Delphi is where the Greeks went to get a prophecy -- it was only open one day a month during the spring-summer-fall, because it was dedicated to Apollo, the god of light, and he wasn't around enough in the winter. Scientists today believe the temple was on top of a rock fault, which probably allowed some gas to rise up through the cracks. So people who went to the temple really did have visions and see things.

Also: See all the green from the mountains to the sea? That's all one big olive tree grove.

Here's a panorama shot of the Temple of Delphi. 

 And here's me and my sister at Delphi.

 This is the monument at Thermopylae, where the 300 Spartans fought the entire Persian army. Today it's a big, flat, hot valley, but the ocean used to come right up to it. 

The second place I went this summer: Milan, Italy

This is the inside of the Duomo Cathedral, in Milan, Italy.

You can go up on the roof of the Duomo Cathedral -- this is the view of the statues on spires looking out over Milan. Milanese people believe that the statues are protecting the city.

But the coolest thing I saw in Milan was definitely the real, actual Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci, which is painted right onto a wall. (The rest of the building was bombed in WWII, but they saved this painting. Notice how it looks like Jesus is sitting over a doorway? He is. That used to lead into a kitchen.)

And finally, I went to Munich, Germany. 

Here's a park in the city.

Any soccer/football fans? This is where Bayern Munich plays, in Germany. I caught a lot of Pokemon there.

This is the town square in Munich,. There are a ton of bell towers and churches in town, and when they all start chiming it sounds amaaaaazing.

And this is the same church from the other side, where I had lunch.

This is one of the hallways inside the Residenz, in Munich. Kings and Electors (when Bavaria was part of the Holy Roman Empire) lived here. 

This is the Nymphenberg Palace in Munich.

AP Euro students: I picked up some little prizes (postcards, bookmarks, pencils) as I was traveling around. First one to turn in the summer work gets first pick......

See you in September! 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Can you guess where I am this week?

The birthplace of democracy, theater, and the Olympics... And I have to wear a big floppy hat so I don't accidentally catch fire in the hot hot hot sun.